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Need to know about crowdfunding?

Want to learn about best practice and fresh approaches?

Pushed for time, but need to get a crowdfunding campaign out there?

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Over 100 platforms in the UK. Choose the best one

for your vision.

Key questions


These are essential questions when planning your vision

and your campaign.

Starter Pitch


Some tough questions.

Ensuring you start out

on the right track.



Are you doing the right thing & that thing right?

How fast can you plan a fab crowdfunding campaign?

Our crowdfunding planning page is a proven model for bringing your campaign to life.

One Crowd One



No one likes wasting time.


That’s why we have put together these resources for you to peruse and use.

The free booklets will help you focus on the opportunity before you go live.


Once you've nailed your great ideas get in touch, the next step is to take the One Crowd One training.

Together we'll identify learning objectives and start to form your strategy.


This training takes a unique approache to crowdfunding.

You will be with us for three days and during this time we will break down your goals,

sketch out the campaign and decide on the best approaches before testing it with a live audience.





At minivation we bring together resources that will

help you build a better campaign.

We do this because we believe in crowdfunding well together.

We believe crowdfunding can create jobs,

help our economy and build communities.




Interested in creating a campaign but need help?

Send us your contact details & we'll be in touch soon.

Our prices and workshops are tailored to your needs & location.


Open Workshops


Open workshops can be booked by anyone with a great idea.


Sep 17, 2018 - Southampton


Limited to 9 people per workshop, avoid disapointment, book early.


Dec 20, 2018 - London


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